International Nurse Recruitment Program:

About the Company :
Consulting and recruiting company in the medical sector, especially for hospitals, clinics, health centers
20 years of experience
Partner of hospitals and clinics mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Training requirement
• The school diploma must be recognized by the national government in the country of origin
• The graduates must be registered and admitted to the national nursing chamber in the country of origin
• The school curriculum must be approved by the German authorities

Who can apply ?
• Graduates at the Beginning of the 3rd year of National Diploma in General Nursing programs
• Graduates at the Beginning in the 4rd of Bachelor in Nursing programs
• Already experienced and employed nurses

Recruitment process (1)
1. Pre-Selection of candidates:
• Hard Skills: excellent grades in the most important modules
• Interview with soft Skills assessment run by company: successful passed
2. preliminary work contract between the student and company under the condition that the German
course level B2 and the final nurse exam (if not already done) are successfully completed

Recruitment process (2)
4. Registration in a German course to achieve German language level B2 in a 6 months course.
5. During the German course: regular feed back, discussions between student and both company and the future employer to check the progress of the candidate N.B: The German course must be completed with special training in nursing terminology as well as depicting everyday hospital situations in a playful way. 
Also basic introduction to German nursing law

Transfer procedure
All costs in charge of recruiting company
6. 100% Refund of all cost for the German language Training after German certificate Level B2 successful completed
7. Visa application and assumption of all costs for the Visa application
8. Organization and assumption of all costs for the flight to Germany

What´s happen in Germany?
9. Training courses in a selected specialized school to prepare the recognition test of the German national diploma. Duration max 6 months including Internship in the future employer´s hospital or clinic
10. Recognition test to get the German nurse diploma and get the right to practice the profession in Germany. The test runs in two steps: oral and practical 
N.B: During this time the candidate stay for free in a clinic campus and she/he already receives a basic salary to cover all the cost of living in this period.
11. After passing the recognition exam, start a full time employment in the future hospital or clinic