Summer French Language camp for Students

Summer French Course for Students

Business French for Companies at Mauritius.

French course intended for students who like to deeply improve their French skills.

The French Language camp during the winter holidays in Mauritius .
This is an intensive program (16 lessons per week for two week = in total 32 lessons) intended for students who like to deeply improve their French skills.

Our language center is situated in Vacoas. It is accessible by bus. Close to the Main Bus stop.

The school is located on the first floor of the Mitakola Complex.

The program includes:
•    Access to classrooms
•    Course duration : Monday to Thursday, 9:00 to 13:00h. 
•    Teaching material
•    Proficiency test before arrival and again on last day
•    Certificate of studies at the end of the course

An entry test is done on the first day and a certificate of studies is given to each student at the end of the course. 
Lessons will cover all the aspects of the French language: reading, writing, listening, talking and understanding.  
Our teachers are all experienced and qualified. 
Levels go from Grade 7 to Grade 10.

At the end of the course, the certificate of attendance is ceremoniously presented. Then a nice happy  get-together time with food and drink.

Fee: 7750Rs

Enrollment Fee: 500Rs

A minimum of 4 bookings is required to run the course.

On request we can setup an additional course at any time for a closed group, please inquire.  

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Winter holiday term (Rs7750)
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Enrollment fee Rs 500
Rs 500
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