French Business Course

Business French Course for Companies

Business French for Companies at Mauritius.

We have the Business French Course that meets your needs.

Our French trainers will design a course around your unique learning and professional needs. Our courses include Business French, Financial French, Legal French, writing Emails in French and Presenting in French.
Our Business French course is suitable for:
•    Anyone planning to relocate to France and other countries where French is spoken.
•    Business professionals conducting business regularly with French speakers.
•    Government and non-governmental agency representatives working in a French-speaking region who need to be able to communicate at all levels.

The content and format of your French training course will depend on your profession, proficiency in French and objectives. Whether intermediate or advanced, key areas covered in all our French courses include:
•    Spoken fluency
•    Pronunciation and accent
•    Listening skills
•    Reading skills
•    Telephone French
•    Email French
•    Sector-specific terminology
•    Presentation & negotiation skills

HRDC financial grant
We are examining the possibility of a financial grant from the HRDC for your company in Mauritius