How long to learn a language

How long you need to learn a foreign language?


Needed Language


Weeks with Standard course

(20 Lessons/Week)

Weeks with Intensive course

(30 Lessons/Week)

A1 60 - 100  5 Weeks  3 Weeks
A2100 5 Weeks  3 Weeks
B1 20010 Weeks  8 Weeks
B2 20010 Weeks  8 Weeks
C1 20010 Weeks  8 Weeks
C2 300 - 40016 Weeks12 Weeks

With an intensive course or additional private lessons, progress can be made much faster.

The number of hours depends on additional factors.

Do you already speak other foreign languages? Do you learn the language in a country where it is spoken?

But the most important factor on which learning a new language depends is your own motivation!